Pokemon card in gold versions available here on the following page for sale. these are NFT artwork. and you will be the sole owner of the fabulas Gold verion of this card.

here are some of the images which shows the detail work.

as you can see the edges of the Charizard card NFT are pure Gold with the fine finishing and the surface of Charizard card NFT is rough.

the name of the Charizard is beveled on the Gold card. this is the best possible way to write on the Gold.

the icon of the Fire icon for the Charizard card NFT , as you can see the high detailed work here.

the text on the Charizard card NFT is done in depth with details.

each icon on the card as its great value in it. you will find this card the best available .

the surface and the edges. you will get in love with this.

this is all for you before bidding on the NFT of Charizard card.

wish you good luck and there are more coming soon.